3-A Food-Safe Capacitive Sensor

3-A certified Clean-in-Place aseptic inline sensor with ¾” tri-clamp process connections per ASME BPE/FDA for capacitive high-sensitivity measurement of quality of fluid processes in edible oils, dairy and other food service applications.

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Specs Overview

Connection Style:
Pressure Rating:
Electrical Enclosure:
950 PSIG
Stainless Steel or
Anodized Aluminium


Process Temperature:
- Ambient temperature range:      -40°C to 85°C
- Operating range (standard):      -40°C to 204°C
- Operating range (extended):     -40°C to 260°C
- T ratings: T4 (-40°C to 96°C) | T3 (96°C to 224°C) | T2 (224°C to 260°C)
Process Pressure (MAWP):
- Standard (PEEK insulator):                      950 PSIG (65 Bar)
Ingress Protection:
- IP67
- NEMA 4/4X
Hazardous Location Ratings:
- ATEX:     CE Ex II 2 G Ex db IIB Tx Gb
- IECEx:    Ex db IIB Tx Gb
- ETL:       Class I, Zone 1, AEx db IIB Tx Gb (Canada & USA)
Measuring Method:
- Coaxial capacitor sensor body using process fluid as dielectric to measure relative capacitance.

Installation Examples

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Featured Applications

Milk Fat Content

Milk fat content is an important metric in dairy production. Online measurement with a DC-2260 Capacitive Sensor during milking and processing operations supports optimization and animal well-being.

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Vegetable & Plant Oil

Produced plant oils must contain minimal amounts of water for quality and safety. Large batch processes dependent on physical sampling may benefit from online capacitive measurement using the DC-2260 Capacitive Sensor.

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Alcohol Spirits

Higher value spirits can be targets for product adulteration and fraud. Capacitive “fingerprinting” with the use of the DC-2260 Capacitive Sensor may offer a degree of stakeholder protection through the supply chain.

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