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Capacitive Sensors

The Delta C Capacitive Fluid Sensor is designed to provide PPM level measurement in a wide variety of different fluids, including hydrocarbons, organic oils, industrial chemicals, and many more. With highly configurable connection sizes and communication outputs, our Capacitive Sensors are specifically designed to be usable in as many different applications as our customers' creativity will allow.

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Watercut Analyzers

The Delta C watercut analyzer was designed to meet the rigor and challenges of the Oil and Gas Industry. Available in a wide array of connection sizes and configurations, our capacitance based watercut analyzers offer best in class performance in the low water content range - offering stable, accurate water determination down to as low as 25 PPM.

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Designed and Built in Canada

Delta C capacitive, on-line measurements devices can be used to measure, control, and optimize a wide variety of applications to mitigate the risk of water contamination and optimize process control. Browse our collection of capacitive sensing products and discover how capacitance can help to solve your industry-specific challenges.

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