Delta C capacitive, on-line measurements devices can be used to measure, control, and optimize a wide variety of processes and applications where water contamination is an issue. Browse our collection of capacitive sensing products and discover how capacitance can help to solve your industry-specific challenges.


Watercut Analyzers

The Delta C watercut analyzer was designed to meet the rigor and challenges of the Oil and Gas Industry. Available in a wide array of connection sizes and configurations, our capacitance based watercut analyzers offer best in class performance in the low water content range - offering stable, accurate water determination down to as low as 50 PPM.

Universal Dielectric Sensors

Our universal dielectric sensors were designed to be as open-ended and widely used as possible. Available in flow-through or insertion configurations, these sensors are our most accessible and affordable models yet, while still delivering the uncompromising Delta C quality our customers have come to expect. Explore these products and discover how they can be used to solve the problems and challenges specific to your industry, application, or project.