Our Company

Delta C Technologies is a privately owned, Canadian company located in Salmon Arm, British Columbia. Founded in 1989, Delta C specializes in the design and manufacture of capacitance based watercut meters. Our unique design approach, coupled with our uncompromising commitment to quality redefined capacitive watercut technology.

Originally designed to measure water levels in the oil and gas industry, over time it became apparent that our unique capacitive sensing technology could be used to solve problems far outside of its initial scope. Our capacitive watercut analyzers eventually found homes detecting water contamination in a wide array of different industries and applications – from food production, to alternative fuel sources, and even emerging industries like synthetic biology.

While it became quickly apparent that the usefulness of our technology was far-reaching, it also became evident that our watercut analyzers in their original form – designed to meet the needs, challenges, and rigorous specifications of the oil and gas industry - weren’t necessarily suited for every application, not to mention every budget. That’s why Delta C has spent the better part of the last decade repackaging, re-purposing, and re-imagining our original design, so that we can put capacitive water detection technology into as many different hands as possible.

At Delta C we see ourselves as the flag wavers of capacitive sensing technology. We believe that no matter who you are, or what you do, it can be an incredibly powerful tool. How you use that tool is up to you.

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